Noelia sent ALARMING messages to their fans What is going on?


The singer Noelia continuing to surprise his followers of social networks as e s one of the more attractive women and sensual world of the music, plus it has become quite a businesswoman.

That is why in the middle of the pandemic coronavirusthe singer Noelia, has been affected by having to shut down their nightclubs, as they had complied with the orders health issued in all corners of the world, to avoid the contagion.

The message of Noelia with the Coronavirus

But what has most surprised the singer Noelia, is that by means of their official accounts in social networks, has alarmed her fans with a powerful message that says: “It is difficult to close your business for 3 or 4 Weeks, but it is more difficult to Close the Feretro of a loved one. So please stay at Home. #quedateencasa @noeliascabaretgroup”.

With such message the singer Noelia sends a reflection to value life more than material things to the pandemic of coronavirus, since many people have been irresponsible body the health problem that attacks the world.

Quickly the publication of Noelia has reached almost seven hundred, reactions and comments among which are the following: “All a warrior, encouragement, thank you for taking care of your people”, “What is sad is that you will not be able or close the coffin….you can not have any contact with the corpse of a dead man by COVID. There will be No opportunity for goodbyes or duels.”, “This is werita prevention is better than cure”, among others.

Not long ago Noelia shared a snapshot on where it looks quite sassy, lying in his bed in a position outside of the ordinary, with what he managed to steal a lot of attention and has aroused the most secret wishes of their fans.

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It should be noted that Noel not only delights their followers on their social networks, as it also has shown to be worried by them when you send this powerful message, that no doubt many of them will reflect the situation that is going on the world before the epidemic of the Coronavirus.