Odalys Ramírez, sick of coronavirus, shares his recovery on Instagram


Odalys Ramírez has called the attention of the social networks to share it on your account Instagram each step of your recovery and isolation to which it has had to submit then to get known that the charismatic conductor had rubbed the coronavirus.

In earlier days we inform you that Odalys Ramírezrecognized celebrity mexican television, shared a message in your account Instagram where he confessed his fans had been subjected to the test of coronavirus and unfortunately it had come out positive.

From that moment until now, his fans on Instagram have been able to be aware of the recovery that takes Odalys Ramirez, as the driver has been assigned to share each one of the activities that are carried out in total isolation so as not to put their children at risk.

Odalys Ramirez recovers favorably of the coronavirus

The activities that Odalys Ramirez has made since it was detected that she had coronavirus ranging from doing yoga and taking air in the garden of his house until exercised so as not to lose the spectacular figure that has at 35 years old, and ranks as one of the most beautiful women in the middle of the show.

He has also shared a small video where he chats with his fans about this unfortunate moment that she and Patricio Borghetti, who is your partner, they are living, but Odalys Ramírez ensures that your recovery goes from strength to strength because he is doing better.

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Fans of Odalys Ramírez have wished to reiterate its unconditional support through the comments that you write in your account of Instagram and where it will ensure that soon will come out ahead due to that is a strong woman who can overcome this terrible disease that has caused the death of thousands of people in 192 countries.

Photos: Instagram @odalysrp