Oh delirium! Natalia Barulich does not want to spend the quarantine alone… do You dare to join her?


Natalia Barulich has returned to be the center of attention of the public and the media, and not because of any work he has done.

Recently, the model of descent Croatian rose to Instagram a picture while in a shared appointment with Mahlagha Jaberi, a well-known socialite iranian.

Immediately the followers of Natalia crazy, since the associated sentimentally with belle. Can it be possible?

However, the artist of 28 years confirmed that is single and without commitment, in a very peculiar way.

On his return from the United Arab Emirates, the brunette decided to undergo a quarantine voluntarily, because you were in different countries affected by the coronavirus.

Once in his home in Los Angeles, the professional dancer must have felt very lonely, so I climbed a video with a question that triggered the alarms of their followers: “Who wants to be my quarantine?”, making a play on words with the popular phrase in English “do you Want to be my Valentine?”.

With more than 319 thousand reproductions, there is no doubt that the majority of the fans would like to spend the next two weeks locked up with Natalia Barulich. O goddess!