Oh scandal! Anuel AA lambasting Bad Bunny on Instagram


The music video I Dirty Dancing, Single, single of the second studio album of Bad Bunnycaused furor in the social networks to show the famous reggaetonero dress women and, although this act was applauded by his fans, everything seems to indicate that Anuel AA didn’t like the idea of his colleague.

The controversy began when Bad Bunny premiered the music video I Dirty Dancing, Single in your channel Youtube and with which he sought to prove that he was not a singer with masculinity fragile but most of all for teaching us that reggaeton does not have to be a gender misogynist and macho.

Do not spend a lot of time to that Bad Bunny become a trend of social networks, but even though it received thousands of positive reviews for the work done in their new music video also highlights the fact that his colleague Anuel AA railed against him from its account of Instagram.

Oh scandal! Anuel AA lambasting Bad Bunny on Instagram.

Anuel AA is accused of being homophobic

Anuel AA also became a trend of the social networks thanks to a few controversial messages that were shared in their stories of Instagram, they could read the anger that the reggaetonero had at that time because it ensured that he would not go against their ideals for a business.

Oh scandal! Anuel AA lambasting Bad Bunny on Instagram.

But minutes before the series of controversial messages, Anuel AA wrote in his account of Instagram a text where he attacked his colleague Bad Bunny with a text that said: “Hijuep*ta the rabbit bad playing the transformers”, which was accompanied with several emojis of a face about to vomit.

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Oh scandal! Anuel AA lambasting Bad Bunny on Instagram.

The criticism was not long in arriving and Anuel AA was forced to delete the message, but did not eliminate the other stories where he mentioned that all the reggaetón are hypocrites and rare, for which reason users of social networks claim that the boyfriend Karol G is a person homophobic and attacking the Bad Bunny just by dressing as women.

Photos: Twitter and Instagram @anuel