One discovers the entire truth. “Isa Pantoja outside of Telecinco”


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March 30, 2020
(12:20 CET)

The Pantoja have managed to make a hole in Telecinco after the participation of Isabel Pantoja in Survivors. However this could change after the latest statements of the renowned vocalist who did not leave in good place to Mediaset. The signing of the mother of Kiko Rivera was the most anticipated in the history of reality tv. All the spectators were left with the mouth open and no doubt it also resulted in the best historic audience. However, Isabel Pantoja could not win the prize. The singer left after ten weeks of suffering by health problems or that is the story that we were sold.

A year later, Isabel Pantoja has taken apart the official version of the program. The singer had several attempts of abandonment, even to suffer from attacks of anxiety and it was the address of the program who forced her to leave the island a few weeks of the final.

isabel pantoja

The need of a strict control of the diet and the new treatment will make it incompatible to your continuity in the contest. I’m sorry to say that you should leave the contest to be treated in Spain”, expressed Jordi González on behalf of the organization.

Isabel Pantoja returned to Spain with resignation but with a smile to have discovered in time what that was. Was maintained with a diet of five meals a day, something impossible in the reality, and slowly saw its recovery. But never delved further into his problem or the reason for the abandonment.

It has now been revealed following a video where he has a conversation with Omar Montes who the winner should have been it. “TI was to have earned my son the same as that had to be earned I…”admitted in allusion to the participation of his son Kiko Rivera in GH DUO.

You gave away the briefcase because it was bad, if it is not yours…”, pointed Raquel Salazar, the mother of Naomi Salazar, contestant of GH VIP 7 and the protagonists of ‘The gipsy kings’, also appears in that video. And that is when the artist denies that she would have put bad: “Not…that I don’t I got bad”he said shaking the finger. What was a deception of the producer?, wonder. Now after these declarations, the viewers have made clear that “Isa Pantoja is out of Telecinco”.