Oscar 2020: viruses, parasites, and alpha-males


A scene from “story of a marriage”

Much ADO about nothing
It is still too early, perhaps, to see the results of the reform initiated by the former President of the Oscar Academy, Boone Isaacs with the step-wise injection into the collective right to vote for representatives of the various ethnic groups and sexes. There is no way around the things that don’t work. In the chaos of post-Tartar many attricette, available, everything, in exchange, a little bit of transparency, you are in the queue to the various protest movements, the fate with the now mandatory need for change Panther assatanate to peel and novices, their affiliation to the so-called #metoo sounds like a herd of rather a cry of revolt or a civil appeal to would have svilito even more to the surreal situation of unequal treatment of the sexes, by providing an alibi to the atmosphere of misogyny and the loss of credibility for those who are really victims of a rotten system and out of date. In comparison it seems, to behave in a way seriously the challenge of the angels of Victoria’s Secret, sacrifice, and how from an article the New York Times on 1. February “Angels in Hell: The Culture of Misogyny Inside Victoria’s Secretthe discriminatory treatment the during the events of the well-known brands.

Jenny, Lulu, Lorene and the other girls from the heap
Between the Directors of the favorites in this year there was then Lorene Scafaria with his film about a stripper, The Hustlers. And the outcry was, if Jennifer Lopez has reached the nomination of a lapdancer. Revenge is collected, with the show of interlude at the Super Bowl, where you against the time and the force of gravity, in the very elegant, not less acrobatic pose at the top of the pile, the super-star has lit up the testosterone in the audience. Maybe not a miracle, the defeat, if one takes the war to the idea of the woman-object with a rod of 3 meters between the legs. Finally, his presence in the dispute would not help the cause. Recognized the value of Farewell from Lulu Wang, he but sin, to timing, to come, long after the entire filmography of Kore’eda Hirokazu, the film is found to be weaker than other movies in this year. Chapter for the time being closed, also for the valente Awkwafina, the protagonist of the film.

A scene from “The Farewell”

Netflix and war Streaming
Under these conditions, the most relevant can is the most fact that Netflix has got 24 nominations, overcoming the major. The Irishman, story of a marriage, The two popes and Made in the USA – A factory in Ohio, the first written product of the Obama, have dug. Just a pity that Diamonds in the rough has not received enough attention. A real revelation of the film, the brothers Safdie, and an amazing Adam Sandler in the part of the avid player. More than anyone among the experts is in demand, as never before, this title is snubbed was. By the end of 2019, some of the media had announced, a bleeding members, with the loss of the colossus streaming up to 8 million users, of the part absorbed by the new Disney+, coming soon also in Germany. 21. January of the new year instead of Ceo Reed Hastings, spoke of a 20 per cent growth, thanks to the hotly-anticipated film from Martin Scorsese, Steven Soderbergh, and Fernando Meirelles. The authority of Netflix in the movie industry exponentially: make sure that the presence in the festival the most renowned artists of the highest caliber, the have from various reasons, difficulty finding resources with traditional systems, was able to sign for the company and you in the sky hollywood in the shortest amount of time. Responsiveness is also in productions are required. In these hot days in the spread of the new corona virus, the start of Contagion keeps you glued to developing the devices, with millions of viewers, not to go so at least.

A scene of “Irishman”
A scene from “The two popes”

About contagion is inevitable to speak Parasite the Korean Bong Joon Ho as a case of the year. We, we had an exclusive video of ten minutes with the Director, that a hit at the U.S. box office with nearly $ 170 million in revenue would be. The South Korean cinema in the last 20 years, it has a parabolic edge of Park Chan-Wook, Lee Chang-Dong But with Parasite, thriller iperrealista on social inequalities and the Golden palm in Cannes, Bong Joon Ho, the audience was fascinated by the world. Success at the box-office triumph of critical and significant prices, has become a Director, a phenomenon, the social with the hashtag #BongHive, ritwittato from superstars such as Beyoncé. Must-have selfie the hollywood star, followed like a shadow from a faithful interpreter Sharon Choi, pouring gallons of ink when printing, half the world, played games, and experiments of all kinds on the internet or on television, The Hollywood Reporter to Jimmy Fallon Show and there was no media, not celebrated. Has even started a collaboration of the guest editor, with magazine Sight and Sound and finally, I came to the Oscars with 6 nominations, including best film and best Director, the first time ever for a Korean film.
Must be luck of the American, and also the extensive view of a very young house-independent distribution, the strip-film, created in just two years, Tom Quinn, and Tim League, entrepreneurs cinefilo with a past as a manager of salt arthouse and festival genre. The Neon competes with the very beautiful documentary Honey country Tamara Kotevska and Ljubomir Stefanov. If you look library titles such as are Portrait of young woman in flames Céline Sciamma and The Beach Bum by Harmony Korine.
Return to the Bong, Parasite has seen the film more, the programming of the Lincoln Center in New York, where the poster in its black-and-white version. While in the room with his old films, including the masterpiece Memories of a Murderthat the Academy, Two will be soon also in Italy, the Bong is in the history as the first film Director to gain international, the Sag-Aftra Award for the best performance of the cast – the only nomination the previous one, but without a win it was, took place in the year 1997 for the ensemble de Life is beautiful Roberto Benigni – and the award for best original screenplay, the Writers Guild award. Claims that the PGA (Producers Guild Awards) and the DGA (Directors Guild Awards) and the awards of the associations of the producers and Directors of victory had gone 1917because of these two victories are, the determine according to the statistics, in advance, who gets the Oscars in the same categories. But, never say never.