‘Rick and Morty’ launches a violent short anime waiting for new episodes


Adult Swim, tv channel adult emerged from Cartoon Network, knows how to win over your audience. Its thematic diversity has managed to convince a good portion of the audience thanks to genres ranging from sitcoms to anime. This latter case is always output within the block called Toonami on Saturday night, giving rise to numerous series and movies of the genre.

Samurai Rick and Shougun Morty

Has been there where the creators of ‘Rick and Morty’ have decided to make a little more fun waiting for the second batch of episodes of the fourth season, that are taking too long to arrive. In a short anime of just 5 minutes, the series moves to the medieval japan of an alternate universe. There, Rick is a samurai will have to fight the hand of the Shogun, Morty, against an army of Ricks ninjas assassins.

This short, titled ‘Samurai & Shougun (Rick and Morty)’, shows off that side so violent that characterizes the series. A fierce battle of katanas in the rain blood wildly of the most sharp possible. And, of course, with some references and inspirations as the manga ‘Lone Wolf and Cub’ (‘Kozure Okami’). A true delight for fans of the genre Samurai more raw and for all the fans of the series in general.

The eternal wait

Since ‘Rick and Morty’ end emissions of its third season had to wait almost two years to see them again in action. The five episodes that are up now make up the fourth season knew very little. More if it is worth keeping in mind that the last was issued in December. And although the promise of Adult Swim is that they would soon launch the second part, what is certain is that there is still no release date.

In Spain, the episodes can be seen through the channel to TNT and the streaming platform HBOthat was made with the rights of the series starting just before the fourth season. Who knows if this short is a sign that there’s little left to be able to enjoy.