¡Rihanna totally drunk! The scandalous picture hits the social networks


March 30, 2020
(15:10 CET)

Are the days of quarantine and, as you well know many of the celebrities the world’s most famous, are the days of social networks. And it is that there are few that are taking advantage of (what remedy) to enter Instagram or in Twitter much more usual in these days, in which the confinement is almost worldwide.

This has a positive side to celebrities, which they see as the number of followers and likes, and, therefore, their media impact, not to grow. But it also has a negative side. And they say it to Rihanna.

The photo of Rihanna’s drunk

And is that not a few are not the haters that are taking advantage of these moments in which the activity in the networks has soared to go to by the singer of Barbados. And they have done so with a photo that, as you well know his followers, is not to stop precisely at the singer in a very good place.

Rihanna drunk

A photo that we can see Rihanna completely drunk, sleeping with the boa open and in a state, as pointed out by many of its critics “more than unfortunate”. It is not a current photo, but your haters have wished to rescue and re-circulate through social networks and forums.

And of course, there are many who have seen it for the first time and have been to boxes. Comments such as “My mother how it goes”, “Is borrachísima”, “What a beast”, “it Is a scandal,” “the hangover the next day had to be the ones that make history” or “Rihanna making of yours…” as they fly through the networks.

Best of all, though, is that the singer, as is usual in Rihannahe has not made even the slightest case of his haters. Has already live similar situations in the recent past and has decided to stay on the sidelines. It is, in fact, the best thing you could do.