Rita Ora becomes the fashion icon, is the new face of Escada

The singer Rita Ora it has been characterized by its iniguanable voice to interpret his songs. On this occasion, it was chosen as image of the campaign spring-summer 2019 of the brand Escada.

In spite of his facet as a singer, Rita Ora has the profile and style suited to succeed as a fashion icon. For this reason, there are many brands that are concerned about their image and one of them just presented as the protagonist of his campaign.

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Rita, is the new icon of the brand Escada, which just convert to the interpreter, Let You Love Me, in his gorgeous new muse.

In the various images, the british singer of ancestry in kosovo, appears sporting an elegant look, which consists of blouse and red skirt. In addition, in each one of the snapshots, the star poses with a great style the characterized.

Rita Ora is the new ambassador of the brand Escada. The singer of 28 years joined the German brand to become the face of the brand.

“Escada was a brand with which I grew up, I remember to have seen their campaigns when I was a child and think that women are as powerful as easy to relate to. The brand has always advocated the message of designing for a woman a woman”.

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Rita was attracted by Escada, because he feels a great admiration for its founder, Margaretha Ley, who founded the brand in 1978, with Wolfgang Ley.