Rita Ora, the singer turned into a fashion icon


Rita Ora it is defined primarily as singerbut it is also and increasingly a fashion icon. Quirky and unique (and nice as a few), is able to bring the latest trends and disparate, almost always with success. A few days may appear with the look more futuristic (in the memory of many is the dress white and black at dice Kayek lacing giant who excelled in the 2017 in the streets of Paris, and that soon will be sold out in the stores) and the next day stepped on a red carpet with tracksuit bottoms and high heels. Or bathrobe, as when he appeared with a design of Palomo Spain to present the MTV awards two years ago. With towel included in the head.

For many Rita Ora is the queen of the effortless look and sporty glam, is the celebrity most able to look flawless without much effort or even dressed up with tights and sports. And for almost all, this singer with ideas is the queen of radical transformation, and also, of course, the one that best knows how to take the criticism that often accompanies his eccentricities.

What is clear is that it has a unique style and that makes it the object of desire for the brands that are most varied. All looking for the same thing. Soak up the sensuality overflowing from british ancestry in kosovo is able to. Are view as are view. It is as well as has been image of Escada, has collaborated on several occasions with Adidas and how it has seduced Donna Karan to become the face of their fragrance NyNY is a sensual blend of raspberry, jasmine egyptian, rose pepper and vanilla. But the singer, who says that the output of her next album is imminent, ensures that you have resources and dreams for a while. And that just now just meet one of their highest desires, to immerse yourself in another world that you love deeply. The jewelry.

Rita Ora

Rita Ora
(Rita Ora (takes))

The it girl born in Pristina (when it was part of the Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia) 28 years ago, announced this new facet of yours two days ago in Berlin alongside Thomas Sabo, owner of the company with the same name presence of international jewelry, watches and accessories founded in 1984 in Lauf an der Pegnitz, southern Germany. For them it has codiseñado a collection which is pure, brightness, and color. Cats, crosses and medallions, and stars make up the creative proposal of this multi-talented artist who had her first major opportunity in music in 2009 when he participated in Eurovision: Your Country Needs You, a program that seeks new talent to represent the Uk in Eurovision.

Let out that first push on the grounds that he did not feel prepared, but that same year during a trip to New York and signed a recording contract with Roc Nation with rapper Jay-Z as the main charge. Only three years later, in 2012, released the song, R. I. P. with it reached the number 1 in the uk charts and managed to establish itself as a reference mainly in the genres of pop, R&B and soul. But Rita Ora has always wanted more, and it has also managed to carve a niche in the cinema. Both tapes erotic ( Fifty shades) as well as in childhood (his most recent foray has been in P okémon: Detective Pikachu) has shown that also in this field, has the gift of transformation.