Rita Ora with a body to Jennifer Lopez’s amazing!


The diva of the Bronx take the opportunity to give lessons with each of his appearances. As he does not want the thing, but laying down case-law, for that is what has worked for a long time and it is right to do so. Rhythm, songs and styles, JLo the thermometer than it takes and they are going to stop carrying. And as the regulars to the section pink learn, and quickly, copied the arts and wisdom of those that have spent more time on this, with some modification and something of a personality of its own, not to be accused of this. Each contributes their bit of originality, even though it is rather small. And that is, if the puerto rican singer opts for looks that are simple and have little, will Rita Ora and the mimics in styling though the novelty of the color.

If JLo knows how to teach skin-to-wear impossible, she also knows. If Jennifer sings like she wants, she is also short. And if the Bronx in addition singer also triumphs as an actress, Rita has also done so, that not all can say they have appeared in Fifty shades of Grey as the half-sister of the protagonist, almost nothing. And it seems that the singer source kosovo Albanian and refugee parents it has more than earned the recognition of the public and the place of honour enjoys. Behind him was a past too complicated, that today, everything is more easy and well-deserved. And compare it with an icon like JLo is the best thing that can happen to you, but the puerto rican does not agree with this. And is that to compare the 30 years of Rita with the 50 Jennifer is a triumph, although JLo doesn’t think the same thing.