Selena Gomez has not hesitated to defend Hailey Baldwin for this reason


It seems that the lives of Selena GomezJustin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin continue to be intertwining with each other, much to the protagonists what to avoid. The songs that the singer has just released, already gave that talk recently by the resemblance that there is between the letters and the reality of their love life. At the end, the woman, Bieber has finished receivingwhat no one expected was that Selena jumped to defend it, as it has done.

The conflict began with the publication of the two new songs from Sel: ‘Lose you to love me’ and ‘Look at her now’. Both issues seem to be dedicated to her ex-boyfriend Justin Bieber, one of them being a narrative of your relationship toxic while the other is more of an anthem of overcoming.

The few hours that you could listen to the themes, Hailey Baldwin went up an ‘storie’ in his Instagram where he made a joke that was not appreciated much. The model said the phrase “I’m going to kill you,” and many understood that it was dedicated to Selena (although Hailey at no time stated).

By the amount of hate mail that was received by the wife of Justin Bieber, was forced to clarify that not what he had dedicated to anyone in particular, and that he felt that he had interpreted well. And seeing this performance, Selena Gomez has wanted to settle the controversy with Hailey Baldwin by using a few words to defend it.

It was in a live in which the artist answered questions from his followers. One of them asked for such dispute within networks and this was what Gomez replied: “I do not support women who get with each other. Never and never I will be as well. So please, always be kind to everyone, no matter the situation. If you are my fans, please do not be rude with no one, do not go around saying things that only you feel in that moment.”