SO he came back TO INSTAGRAM – Goddess-Channel reappears on the social network showing the rear


After that the platform of the social network Instagram you will close the account of the famous vedette venezolana, Goddess Channels, now returned showing all he has on a little suit sports.

For its part, the singer and dancer venezuelan Goddess Channels again, it is a polemic to upload two photos through its official account on the social network of Instagram with a suit sporting a very small that leaves absolutely nothing to the imagination.

In turn, the publication was accompanied with the following caption: “Thought better of it and Decided to eat the World ?? @zamalloadirector
was the message you used the creole pronounced curves to describe the moment captured under the lens.

In the snapshot you see Goddess the edge of a mountain, using the latest fashions in sports clothes in neon colour, while a couple of poses naturally sexy.

The comments in the posting were all to highlight the Latin beauty of the interpreter in venezuela.

It is important to remember that some days ago, the platform of the social network Instagram will ceró once more the account of the Vedette for showing nudity and acts erotic not allowed on policies of the company.

Drafting Gossip Vzla.

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