‘The Batman’: John Turturro talks about his villain, Carmine Falcone, and his fascination with The Fox

The coronavirus has caused one of the most anxiously awaited films of the next few years, ‘The Batman’, in the afternoon, even more in getting to the screens. The stoppage of his shooting has been a blow for the production of Matt Reeves, which up to now was going from strength to strength and was even warming up the engine of the face of the promotion with the first images of the Dark Knight Robert Pattinson.

John Turturro

One of the members of the cast, John Turturro, has taken advantage of the unexpected lull to grant an interview to The Inquirer. The actor, who in the film will be the evil mafia boss Carmine Falcone, has spoken about his role: “I’m being the bad guy”. A role which, however, never thought to interpret. And it is that act followed he acknowledged that what you have always wanted is to put the layer of the hero. But not Batman precisely.

“I loved Batman when I was a kid, but I’m actually a fan of the Fox”, he said. “There is No Batman without Zorro. When I was 5 years old, I imagined being the Fox with a sword. He had a stick and beat her all the time to my father with him”continued between laughs. In fact, in his time wanted to take on the role Antonio Banderas. “Banderas was a Fox great. But when I saw that they were going to do it I was like “oh, you’re going to do ‘The mask of Zorro'”. I wrote a letter to Steven Spielberg. I said, “I think you should consider me to make of Fox””, he said. “He was surprised, of ‘Barton Fink’ to ‘The Fox’. Although I really am more of a Fox Barton Fink”, he said.

Focused on ‘The Batman’

Despite his fanaticism almost obsessive with The Fox, Turturro has also been a faithful follower of the adventures of the hero of Gotham: “When they released ‘Batman’ on television, it was a bombshell. I read some comics. And my children have always read comics of DC. So I played that for years.”.

That is why ‘The Batman’ seems like a good project, that it is also their first intrusion into the world of comics. On the direction of the film he said that he likes Matt Reeves. And with respect to the rest of his teammates, is also delighted: “It’s a cast of interesting”. The tape was scheduled to be released on the 25th of June 2021, although due to the pause for the pandemic is likely to be delayed.

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