The detrimental effect of the trinkets in the children who did not know and it is terrible



March 30, 2020
(10:01 CET)

Few or no nutritionist approved eating goodies within any diet. In fact, it is better to avoid them because of the large amount of elements harmful to our health.

However, one of the great chefs of our geography, the cook Angel Leon, who owns three-star restaurant Aponiente and a with the Alevante, gives us a compelling reason to stop giving these sweets to children.

The andalucian chef has spent two years researching the food in schools to implement in more than 300 schools in Spain the fish through the preparation of pasta, pizzas, chicken wings, pork tenderloin in marinade and fries made almost entirely of fish, something that is already spectacular and that is made to end with the reluctance of the children to this food.

However, in the preparation of the report was a fact rather than worrying that it had to do with the goodies.


A distorted image

In the study, he could see the tastes of children and their perceptions of the meal and what you saw with the famous sweets surprised him greatly, since eating those sweets has led to a distortion in what they identify as fruit.

“Your references are the goodies: identify the fruits with the fruit gums, not with a strawberry freshly cut or with a banana. The natural is a luxury item because the world has changed a lot, that’s why I am grateful to Pescanova, which has put its facilities and its R & D at our disposal to make a product very” honest”, explained Ángel León.

Why you should not give sweets to your children?

The truth is that the goodies and the candy industry are not good due to its very high content in sugar, dyes, trans fats, additives and even salt.

All of this could lead your children and even to adults to serious health problems. The most common are thes damage to the teeth and increasing weightbut there are many more like diabetes, cellulite, anxiety, or hyperactivity, allergies, etc