The fish that is in fashion in the united States and you can buy in… oh, IKEA!


March 30, 2020
(15:45 CET)

Everything that is happening with the planet in the year 2020 seems to be a clear message that the human being must change the mentality of consumption, leaving damage to the environment. One of the trends that continues to take strength in the last few years, and that after overcoming this chaos will pass to another level is the veganism. And, although to get alternatives that may be equal in quality to the products of animal origin is a complicated one, each day brings new exciting versions. In this sense, there is already a fish vegan fashion in the united States that you can buy at IKEA.

The change in life style vegan to many it seemed the final resignation to a certain type of food. However, there is good news, among which are the shrimp, calamari, salmon and fish sticks; yes, strange as that may seem, all vegetable-based.

Something that meant a before and an after for the world vegan was the emergence of the Sjörapport, which is nothing more than an imitation of Caviar. Is made with kelp, and, in addition, you have the options of pearls, red and black.


This would not be the only surprise, as with the good reception that have had the vegan products in the consumer, it has developed something new.

Fish vegan fashion

One of the goals that had been elusive in recent years, finally achieved thanks to the efforts of Chris Kerr, Derek Sarno, and Chad Sarno. What they created? The tuna plant perfect.

The invention magic is based on 6 plants, among which we can highlight the soy and peas. Heed carefully the smell of this tuna, something characteristic of the original and that is called the public.

In the united States the test was made to sell this fish vegan near cans of tuna real and it has gone really well. The profits are to be found in franco’s rise and have reached $ 10 million. The change, although slow, is imminent.

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