The mexican Yuliett Torres is giving the chair of sensuality – People


Yuliett Torres continues making mischief. In these days of confinement, the mexican, famous for posing nude in men’s magazines, decided to please their 5 million followers, with a post that showed your outfit to sleep in. As expected the ‘likes’ were not long in appearing and graphics in less than 20 minutes came to exceed the barrier of one hundred thousand.

Torres is taking advantage of the quarantine to share more with his followers in the official account that you have on Instagram. There posts a little of everything, but there is no doubt that the pictures with more interaction are shown with little clothing, and leaving to see the attributes that has been forged in the gym and the occasional surgical intervention.

One of the latest graphics that can be enjoyed in your account, she is seen in bed with a sleeping grey. Still in the bed, she decides to take a selfie and show the best you have… your body. The mexican enjoys posing and in any time does. Just enjoy it.

Torres is famous for having posed in men’s magazine “H”, and from there it has become quite a celebrity, especially in social networks, where it is one of the celebrities most followed in the artistic sphere in Mexico. The diva arrives to collect about 20 thousand euro for each photo that help you to promote a brand related to your activity. @Mundiario