The photo of Esther Expósito on the bed that sweeps (and this is why I teach)


Esther Expósito EFE

March 30, 2020
(15:40 CET)

There are certain actresses that have been and are in social networks one of your best weapons to keep adding followers. Esther Expósito is, without a doubt, one of them. And is that the young spaniard has made wow popular in recent times thanks to his role in the series of Netflix Elite.

A Esther, yes, where really what peta is on Instagram, which has already neither more nor less than 14 million followers. A number that exceeds, and long, to other celebrities spain as Cristina Pedroche, Sara Carbonero, Paula Echevarria or Pillar Rubio.

And is that Esther has been found in the pubic millennial, a public that has grown with social networking as part of your day-to-day, your best asset to be one of the most sought after and followed on the social networks.

The photo of Esther Expósito

Among other things because, as has been demonstrated on many occasions, the actress tends to show in your account Instagram his side more sensual. We have seen in many occasions posing with outfits very eye-catching and leaving very little to the imagination as well as outfits that do not otherwise enhance your curves.

However, in the last few days has been a photo in which we see her in the bed that has attracted the attention of many of his followers. Among other things, because in her Esther teaches your navel piercing.

And that, for many, is synonymous with sensuality. Hence, it is to be able to read comments in the networks as a “My mother if it is not can be more sensual than you, my daughter,” Is a goddess”, “pure Beauty”, “Esther Expósito is not of this world”, “Amazing” or “I don’t believe him…”.

Photos and comments like these are, as is well known the own Estherhelp you to continue to grow in Instagram where he is already a star. A star that ever shines the most.