The president of Harvard is positive in coronavirus


WASHINGTON (Xinhua) — The president of Harvard University, Lawrence Bacow, said Tuesday that he and his wife, Adele Bacow, tested positive for the new coronavirus. “We started to present symptoms on the Sunday, first coughing, then fever, escalofros and muscle aches, so we contacted our doctors in the Monday,” said Bacow through a statement to the Harvard community.

“We made examinations doctors yesterday and we have just received the results a few minutes ago”, asever the lawyer.

Bacow said no saba cmo contracted the disease and that lately they had contact with a few people.

The couple started to work from home on the 14 of march. Is sometern to a period of quarantine of 14 days.

“Luckily I am part of a great team, and many of my colleagues asumirn ms responsibility in the coming weeks as Adele and I us to focus on recovering”, he said Bacow.

Earlier this month, Harvard said the students who withdraw from the residence halls prior to march 15 in order to reduce the population density in the midst of the pandemic of the COVID-19.