The problem of hygiene of María Patiño, some have their backs


March 29, 2020
(11:25 CET)

María Patiño has become in recent times one of the main stars of Telecinco. Something that, years ago, would have seemed impossible taking into account that the partner was a regular in the sets of Antenna 3.

However, Paolo Vasile decided to go for it and your presence in Mediaset has done no more than increase. Among other things because, as you well know those who follow the day-to-day Telecinco, Mary has a hook for the audience.

It shows in Save mein Saturday Deluxe and, as not, in Socialite, your program. A Patiño that, moreover, grows each passing day also in the social networks. There are already more than 380,000 followers, which accumulates only in its account of Instagram. A figure that gets bigger each time it appears on screen, and that, while it is far from that of the great names in our country, reflects that the star of Telecinco has its particular audience.

The problem of Maria Patiño

But be careful because, as you well know also Vasile (and in fact that was one of the reasons why he decided to go for it a long time ago), the presenter is one of the faces most controversial of the chain.

Mary it is not a contributor low profile, quite the contrary. Always have an opinion for everything and, although you know that’s going to cause trouble, you do not have any problems in point of their opinion whether or not the of the most.

And this has caused more of a problem. Especially in social networks, where the army of haters does nothing but grow with each passing day. In this sense, some of his detractors have echoed an alleged problem of hygiene Patiño that, as pointed out by some in the networks, there is an account behind their backs.

And these alleged problem is not other that an excessive concern for the odors that causes Patiño pass by the shower, according to his detractors, more times than normal. A criticism, which, of course, seems to be born from the anger that you have many to Mary that of a truth that is proven. But in the networks, as you well know Patiñoit matters little to the truth.