The swimsuit Rita Ora to Jennifer Lopez (and that’s because it teaches it all!)


The good thing of having a teacher to follow and to be able to copy is that things become much easier and the time it takes to decide to styling, and the combination is reduced, and much. If a brand trend, the other just has to follow it to get the same effect, or the like. And if the one who leads the singing voice in this teach to the new is the diva from the Bronx, Jennifer Lopez, success is assured. The same da dance, that styling that routines gym, JLo is copied to the core, and persecuted up to the infinite. And if their suits and their buildings are top, those of Rita Ora and the closeness to the style and taste for the colors of the new york also threatens to get to the top.

If you say that you are in Es Vedra, in Ibiza is already to say too much, posing on a boat and with a background of landscape as the one that has it, that already rubs the súmmun of too many. And as there is no beach without a swimsuit or a swimsuit without a body to wear it, Rita is encased in a bathing suit that might as well be a trikini special with a little more fabric than usual. And neither would I be so rare that the garment, which of these we have seen many, but what makes it special and worthy of mention is the explosion of colour and the effect flash of print, as if it were fully aware of the explosion of heat that cause every time that appears, wearing a palm. And as if that was not enough wastage of curves and decorated, as if we don’t conformáramos and ask more, we guess a small tattoo near his left groin, secretillo or secretazo voices. What Rita wants to do with that response surprises us.