The Weeknd leads all the charts with “After Hours”


The Weeknd harvest a great number of successes to reach the first places of the lists of popularity of the united States with their new album, “After Hours”.

The Weeknd leads all the charts with “After Hours”

The Weeknd presents the themes of After Hours

A little more than a week of the launch of “After Hours” and with two official singles were released, “In Your Eyes” and “Blinding Lights”the new album The Weeknd it is your greatest success so far.

With “After Hours”, The Weeknd celebrates his 30th birthday and a whole new stage in his musical career with his fourth studio album after two years of absence in the music scene.

In addition, the success of the tracks “After Hours” in the streaming platforms such as Spotify, have been consolidated to The Weeknd as one of the artists most played at the moment.

The Weeknd leads the lists of popularity

“After Hours” by The Weeknd has been placed in the first place of the 200 top-selling albums, according to the site of the Rolling Stones, due to its 280 thousand copies sold.

With respect to the topics that make up “After Hours”, the site of the Rolling Stones has placed 14 songs in the first 30 places of the 100 most played songs of the moment.

In the first 10 places of the list of the Rolling Stones, Blinding Lights is in the first place, followed by In Your Eyes in third party, Alone Again in the fourth, Heartless in the fifth and Hardest to Love in the sixth place.

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Thanks to the success of “After Hours”, The Weeknd has positioned itself in first place of the 500 musicians most listened to of the united States in the period from 20 to 26 march.

The Weeknd has overtaken artists such as Lil Uzi Vert, Lil Baby and Bad Bunny, with the albums, “Eternal Atake”, “My Turn” and “I do what I please”, respectively.