“They are together”. Antonio David doesn’t want you to know. Telecinco’s what counts


Antonio David and Rocío Flores

March 30, 2020
(11:40 CET)

The Flowers do not cease to be news and much more from that Dew is submitted in Survivors by 2020. Viewers are discovering, finally, to the young man. The daughter of Rocío Carrasco was the big surprise to defend his father on stage when he competed in the GH VIP 7 and now it is also leaving no one indifferent. Currently there is talk of its possible relationship with Cliff, despite the fact that he has a girlfriend waiting for him outside and her boyfriend. Both contestants are increasingly close.

No one was expected to arise this friendship. Ravine he never had a good relationship with his family and much less with Gloria Camila, and his aunt. In Survivors Ravine has become the best shoulder of Dew, and she loves him with compliments and gestures of affection and friendship.

In each trial or in each connection, Spray Flowers compliment your partner in front of the cameras. The daughter of Antonio David Flores has made it clear that he would love to be the winner of this edition. It has done so in one of the totals of the famous Plan of the Gods, where they would ask the Mortal who would be to them the more chance you have of winning Survivors by 2020.

rocio flores and barrancoUnlike her peers, she has chosen to proclaim the winner your partner. “The people that we’re in is Ravine who has more possibilities. It is curra a lot of the tests, has fish, has done a lot of things… So yes, I believe that he is the one who more likely has,” said the daughter of Antonio David in order to give a boost to your partner. Ravine, however, has not mentioned Dew in your question: “Aviles is giving a lot of play and is enduring a lot, but if you are rewarded the survival can be possible finalist and even winner“he said very sincere.

Perhaps it was the last person that I thought I was going to make good crumbsI knew that I was going to take well with her because she will note that it is good people and I get along well with good people, but for who he is or being the family of you think that you are not going to open, you’re going to have things of his life… and he has told me many things of your life, your childhood, your partner, your neighborhood“has said Catalan about her friend in the contest.