This size can not be real! Yuliett Torres turns and leaves us as well


The mexican Yuliett Towers is at the key moment of his life. Has become famous for the luscious photos that you upload on the Instagram, positioning itself as one of the influencers that cause controversy. On this occasion, showed their great attributes, which are marked in a spectacular way.

Posted on her Instagram two photos where you perceive your figure back. If it is attractive in front, the turn could not be different. Wearing a set athletic pink neon that conforms to your body As if not wearing anything! Are achieved see the results of a life fitness rigorous. With the tiny waist, the arms are defined, and a rear sign, the result was explosive. Their fans reacted more entranced than ever commenting on how perfect it looks.

After that, the diva could not help but show how he has achieved such great results in your rear area. So that taught me the way in which it uses elastic bands, which are excellent for boosting the endurance in the hamstrings. And, squats with weight, which help shape the buttocks and achieve the increase. Of course, all with the power indicated, and the record non-negotiable.

The perfect man for Yuliett Towers

Among his followers there are many gentlemen lovers, that was logic the emergence of this question of the million. Then, Yuliett to let you know that the ideal characteristics are the following: Be clean, smell good, have a sense of humour, who treats people well that is all around us and is a gentleman.

However, it is possible that Yuliett Towers you have already found your ideal companion, because, through twitter, said: In my dreams I have stolen many kisses. Which made think of your fans that love has come into your life, it is a track not to be missed. Hopefully soon be cleared up this enigma unleashes jealousy everywhere.