Tristan Ulloa announces that she has been cured of coronavirus and criticizes the conditions of the toilets


These days there is plenty of good news, so we shared the excitement of Tristán Ulloa when he has announced in his account of Instagram that “returns to home” after having been admitted to the Hospital Infanta Leonor de Madrid for having tested positive for coronavirus. The actor of ‘manioc flour’ has not been able to contain their tears upon receiving such news.

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With the excitement I forget names. Thanks to all the staff at the Hospital Infanta Leonor (@sosinfantaleonor), doctors, [email protected], assistants, carers, cleaners… especially, yes, the doctor, and as friend of the soul, Jesus Garrido, soon-to-be first-time father, nurse Lydia that I saw in the depths of the well and of the that I never lacked a kind word and comforting, Aurelia things in life for me to meet with who was my step-sister turned into a whole jabata and dealing with issues that are very very complicated in spite of its large youth… with Liliana anesthetist that just give positive. Recovery soon Liliana. And with so many others whose names I cannot recall. All guardian angels, I just hope that the time comes to cuidaros us to you. Cover of gratitude and love. That I do not forget two physicians of the same lineage that Jesus Garrido: Jorge Usón and Jorge Drexler, and to top it all excellent musicians the three. Because I’ve asked them to play a theme with them, but I at the bottom with a triangle which Yoko Ono to end up taking me all the credit. Thanks of course to all my family of this and the other side of the world, and to all the friends that are family. And, above all, the mother of the dragons: Carolina I love you.

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Ulloa has explained that he has gone through times “very fucked up” but has he stopped to thank you in the video, with names, to all the medical staff who has attended to these days: “All guardian angels, I just hope that the time comes to cuidaros us to you”.

Tristan Ulloa

But in addition to get rid in tokens of affection, has also wanted to take advantage of the news to condemn the conditions in which they work the toilets right now: It is very third world around. We cannot leave them to work as well. Are a fucking hero, despite himself. They don’t want to be heroes but they are. And we have to listen to them. His own experience in the hospital of madrid, absolutely saturated, it is a clear example of how the situation is. Calls for “silence” and that “they listen more. Are people very young, very courageous, which is in first line of fire with the minimum”. In an update later he explains that “the best and only intention,” your message was “to denounce the working conditions of our doctors, nurses, auxiliary nurses, carers, cleaners…”, which returns to “a greeting very affectionate”.

Stay at home

The actor explains that, although he is doing better and that has saved “the fucking curve of eggs”, now there are fifteen days of isolation at home. But ensures that return to “energy and eager to live”. Again ask that we respect the quarantine and “tomorrow will be another day”.