Two French parody the header of ‘One step forward’ to liven up the quarantine


Confinement for quarantine is taking creativity to the people. A few flatmates French have parodied the head of one of the flagship series of our country, ‘A step forward’. These two friends have imitated each sequence almost perfectlytaking into account the limited resources of the props they have at home.

With an umbrella to make guitar or the dolls from ‘Toy Story’ to impersonate Miguel Angel Munoz and Pablo Pujol in full discussion, but with the visuals and the outfits are very fine have achieved success on Twitter. His ingenuity has been recognized by Beatriz Luengo, Mónica Cruz, actresses of this Spanish fiction.

'A step forward' UPA DANCE

A comment to his tweet, he asks that you recognize that the original idea is from another user. Although the friends of paris have perhaps a better edition, it is true that she did before. Has congratulated the actress Beatriz Rico which she played Diana, the teacher of modern dance.

If these videos you have caused the urge to re-watch the series, you can see the first two seasons on Amazon Prime Video and the series when complete in Atresplayer Premium.

Another idea for the quarantine

An app great for making imitations of vñideos is TikTok. Another header that you can try to mimic in the house is that of the animated series ‘Phineas and Ferb’. They live in what seems like an eternal summer and give ideas of what to do at that time, some of the possible copy-and others more difficult.


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