VIDEO: Barbara de Regil “inspired” to José Eduardo Derbez to exercise


The actress and influencer Barbara de Regil are sharing their best routines of workouts through its account of Instagram so that his fans get in shape in this quarantine. But the famous actor and comedian José Eduardo Derbez decided to draw inspiration from the exercises of Barbara to create a fun video on his account of Tik Tok. How did he do it?

José Eduardo he turned to his official account of Tik Tok to teach the fun way in which he “follows” the intense routine Barbara de Regil. This video has become viral on social networks, as we see the actor and youtuber completely exhausted and sweaty by the exercises.

But what seemed funny to the public is that José Eduardo Derbez as you do your physical activity, drink a beer and eat some potato chips. The video is a parody to the popular exercise routine that Barbara de Regil shared on his Instagram, where he encourages his fans to smile and have a good attitude first of all.

José Eduardo could dominate the comedy

Many fans said with this video that José Eduardo Derbez could have inherited the talent for comedy that has his father, the actor and producer Eugenio Derbez. Since the users of Tik Tok laughed too with the video of the young man of 27 years when imitating the influencer fitness, Bárbara de Regil.

In addition, José Eduardo has also been started now as a youtuber, with two major interviews of their famous parents, actors Eugenio Derbez and Victoria Ruffo. Thanks to your Youtube channel, José Eduardo is forging its own path in the entertainment world and the internet, where it is every day getting new fans who adore his work.

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There are even users who claim that the actor might dominate at some point the world of comedy as his father did at some point. But for now, is still getting famous thanks to their funny videos Tik Tok.