“We do it together, this is going to happen”


The salsa puerto rican Marc Anthony sent a message of encouragement to all his followers during these difficult times of quarantine by the outbreak of coronavirus.

The artist said that “all together we are going to get out of this” and that the complex situation that is living the world is “going to happen”.

That’s why, Marc invited those who follow him to use this time of isolation to reflect and do other things that the hectic pace of everyday life does not allow, because only by staying at home as long as possible, we will achieve to contain the spread of this tragic disease.

“Let’s use this time to reflect. Together we’ll figure this out and this too shall pass. Stay at home and take care of. I love them,” wrote the puerto rican.

His followers appreciated the words of encouragement and asked that the indulge you with a live broadcast, now that he had to suspend his tour OPUS and that so many artists are offering live concerts to make more bearable the quarantine of his followers.

However, Marc himself shared with his followers a list of songs to keep the joy and the good mood in these moments.

The salsa had to pause their world tour due to “an acute pain and severe” that was in the back and by which his doctor had recommended complete rest. The tour was to be reinitiated at the end of this month, but now by the pandemic coronavirus will remain cancelled until further notice.

However, these days not all has been bad news for the singer, since Dayanara Torreshis former wife and the mother of his older children Christian and Ryan, announced that it is finally cured of the cancer.

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