“What can I do? I am not your father, I’m not the police”


Neymar is lost, he believes that with football you can fix all of the bad decisions extra sport that has been taking in recent months. The injury that is hurting the brazilian are not only bad luck, because the routines in terms of sleep, food, among other things, harm your physique. Outside of the future nominees for the Golden Ball, the attacker of the PSG has returned to disturb Thomas Tuchelwho no longer knows how to minimize the bad decisions of ‘Ney’.

In a time where the ‘10’ brazilian must be concentrated on recovering his level, he decided to follow the Davis Cup in Madrid. The response of Tuchel reveals tiredness for the situation: “What can I do? I am not your father, I’m not the police, I’m just the coach. He did well yesterday, after the flight (the brazilian flew to Paris for the night and trained on Wednesday morning with the PSG). Do you as a coach, I like? No, obviously not. But do I have to lose my head for this? I don’t think so.

To subtract a little bit of explosiveness to his initial reaction, the German coach said the following: He trained well. Has been very professional in the last two weeks, has worked more than the rest of the players. Has trained with the group, he has trained individually. If all things go well, now, can play tomorrow. Then we will decide tomorrow morning if it is holder or enters from the bench.

Thomas Tuchel and PSG are still worried about Neymar

The technical body led by Tuchel I wanted Neymar was recovered for the match against the Real Madrid in Champions League, but it does not end to convince. The next meeting will be a new examination is crucial to evaluate your recovery from the injury in the femoral biceps, and also its commitment with the institution. Until the time is doing what it needs to be sold in the next market.