What did the ex of Liam Payne on his duet with Rita Ora?


The exOne Direction is separated from the mother of your child this year and for now, seem to have been on good terms.

The interpretation that did Liam Payne to duet with her colleague Rita Ora’s song “For You”, lead single of the movie “Fifty shades freed” brought him much success, but at the same time, the criticism of one of their ex-partners. This is the singer Cheryl Tweedy, who did not see with such good eyes the chemical that was accomplished performers.

you recognize that the song doesn’t helped me too much in my personal life! But
since then I served to… well, Yes, it was a great experience,” he said
the exvocalista of One Direction, just before realizing that maybe he was
speaking further of the account. Remember, Cheryl is the mother of his only son, Bear,
whose final separation was only a few months after the launch of the

On the other hand, in spite of what he had to say Cheryl on the official music video for “For You”, Liam Payne he did not hesitate a second in giving praise to Rita Ora, who stood out as one of the “collaborating more fun”, with whom he has had the pleasure of working in his career as a solo singer.

I love very much, is a girl fantastic and it’s very, very fun to work with
she. You could say that of all the collaborations that I’ve done, yours is without
certainly one of my favorites,” said the brit during an interview
with the English edition of the magazine Closer. Liam now holds a romance with
the model Maya Henry.

the local press specializing in celebrities, the exOne Direction had
several months looking for a discreet way to the model of 19 years, but had not
wanted to be exposed too much out of respect to his ex, Cheryl, the mother of his son and
who split last summer after two years together.

But now
all that discretion was in the past and after a time that felt
prudential, decided to get together and be displayed in a dinner organized in
Tremezzo by Dolce & Gabanna. According to witnesses of the place, both shared
a couple of passionate kisses not caring that they were watching.

Now all
seems to indicate that the last step to formalize the relationship between Liam and Maya
it was displayed in the social networks. He, for his part, dared to comment on the
last photograph that he shared his girlfriend on Instagram, where he appears posing with
a dress of strips very sensual: “you’re perfect”, he wrote