What Hailey Baldwin pregnant?, Justin Bieber upload pictures


Even though today is a day in which everything, absolutely everything can be lie, the new news that Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin are going to be dads leaves us with a great question: what is truth?

Although recently the two were seen strolling around, some believe that this is true, because Hailey in his last live man, he wore a blouse loose-fitting. In addition to that you are supposed to be able to move in together they had to get married, so basically they may already be expecting a child.

On the other hand, besides being “day of fools”, there are those who claim that the photo you show of your ultrasound is too big, so that might not be yours. Now, Hailey you have a stunning body and that your “no noticeable tummy pregnant” you have jumped to the eyes of the fans shows that this is probably a lie.

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Although the photograph is closely orchestrated, could only be friends that were loaned for the photo, or that Hailey has suffered a stomach pain.

Husbands really have been going well because of that Bieber facing mental health problems, then it may be that this move is a simple joke to keep the mood.

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What is true is that Justin gave a like to a post where there are several pictures and in a out him and Selena Gomez, do you want to move the focus of attention?