What LEBIANA? – Kerly Ruiz said that he could try to have a relationship with a woman (+VIDEO)


Kerly Ruiz commented on your reality that could try a lesbian relationship because that has gone very wrong in the love with the men.

This Wednesday, 26 February the cheerleader venezuelan Kerly Ruiz he surprised his followers the reality Kerly Ruiz Without Filter with the second part of chapter 10, where it shows that you made a party by taking advantage of his mother and his daughter are outside the country. Among their guests were The Safe and Karen Mortellowho were responsible for adding spice to this chapter.

In the After Party were among women, and began to discuss the subject of relationships, at which time Kerly said that I could try a relationship with a woman if it gives you a better chance with the men.

“I’ve never been with a woman, but I’ve been so badly in love that I think I might try it”said Ruiz.

To this one of these advised him not to do it, since to have a relationship with a man was so much easier. After this, they focused their conversation on to talk about the sexual life of the animatorwhere she stated that it has had good sexbut only that with their previous partners, and even your friends land showed some toys with that she could experience.

It should be noted that this this is not the first time that Kerly hinted at in your reality that you could have a relationship with a woman. Could it be that soon we will see coming out of the closet?

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