Who is the ex of Adele that he dedicated to “Someone Like You” and how it broke his heart


“Someone Like You”, the mega hit of Adele, which became the song of heartbreak perfect Source: Reuters

Unlike the rest of us, mere mortals that we were crying and lamenting, the true artists have a special ability: can transform the worst tragedies and sorrows more deep into something beautiful and of value. This is the case of

“Someone Like You”

the mega hit of


that was written at the edge of a bed in the middle of a crisis, to discover that her ex-boyfriend, which postponed his career, he had announced his wedding with another woman.

The record career of Adele began in 2008 with the launch of


his plate debut, which came after a college classmate of hers went up to the social network MySpace three songs that they had made as part of a school project. Record label XL was interested in the voice of a teenager and went for it, leaving him to write all the songs. Despite his youth and inexperience, the young English

that ensures that their role model are the Spice Girls

, was surprised with a work solid and of quality, which earned him excellent reviews, good sales for a new artist, and nominations to prestigious awards.

Thanks to this event was able to cross the ocean and be filed in the united States, where nothing less than



Kanye West

the praised publicly, which was enough to complete sell-out of all the entries of a small tour he did in theaters. With the sales of


on the rise and more interest from the press, all was given to Adele conquered the united States, a territory that is often difficult for british artists. However, when he had confirmed to launch a tour of extensive for the country, decided to cancel it… for a boyfriend.

“Today I can not believe you have done this… I was so ungrateful. It was a time of my life where he drank a lot and that was the basis of my relationship with him. I could not bear to walk away from your side, that’s why when I was out on tour I said to myself… ‘you better cancel everything!'”,

he confessed embarrassed years later


While on their record label feared that they might have escaped the great opportunity of global success, Adele focused on her boyfriend and began to write new songs that he inspired. Unlike the debut, where he showed a vulnerable and talking about issues of love, in this new stage, he wanted to be fulfilled and happy next to a man.

But just at the moment in the more secure she felt, her boyfriend finished with her, leaving her in a true state of shock. In fact, the impact was so great that it had to suspend the recording sessions indefinitely, until he understood that should channel your sadness into a song, despite the fact that this would leave you in a vulnerable position.

Adele sang “Someone Like You” at the 54th. Grammy awards, in 2012 Source: AP

“When I started to write ‘Someone Like You’ had already shown my position of ‘bitch’ in songs like ‘Rolling in the Deep’ or ‘Rumour Has It’. What is true is that I was exhausted emotionally from me that way because, although it was still angry with my ex, at the same time remained the most important person in my life. ‘Someone Like You’ was the way to reconcile myself with myself and with those almost two years of dating. And when I did I felt genuinely liberated. Although it sounds like I’m saying ‘Is everything ok with you’, the truth is that I wrote it down on her knees and feeling miserable”,



And, to add insult to injury, a few months have ended his courtship with Adele, her ex not only had a new partner but told her friends that she was going to marry that woman. “Our thing was so intense that, despite having lasted 18 months, that I thought I was going to marry him. And when he announced that he was committed… he was one of the feelings most horrible that ever I had”.

With the first verse of the song and the melody of the chorus -which he wrote, as he describes it, the edge of his bed in a night with the flu while waiting to fill up with the hot – met with the songwriter Dan Wilson, with whom the seal XL wanted to work. “I met her in the study. She wanted to make a song about your break up, I said clearly. He told Me a little about your ex and I believe that my greatest contribution was to keep the tone direct and simple in its idea, that it was still something personal”,

explained the producer


“I can’t imagine in my 40 going to find him and seeing that he has a beautiful wife and beautiful children, and I, being still single. That thought terrifies me and it is about that song,” he said in his time, the singer

“Someone Like You” was composed and recorded in two days, from that first verse that Adele wrote alone. In the beginning, the idea was for it to be a guitar the main instrument, but Wilson believed that they needed to have a stronger presence of a piano, inspired by the work of Wanda Jackson, the legendary singer of the 50’s and 60’s.

“At the time of recording we focus on ensuring that the voice was memorable. We realized that this could be a song, explosive, and special. It was a pleasure to burn it, only I got worried because, beyond the flow of voice continue to sound natural, vulnerable, devastated…”, added the producer.

A first version of the song with a single verse and chorus, was what brought Adele to a meeting with producers, record companies, concerned about the future of the new board. It had been made to listen to his manager and his mom, despite the fact that I hated the show songs that were not yet closed, and both ended up crying. The same thing happened with the women of Wilson, who didn’t know Adele. It was clear to all that they were in the presence of something magical. That recording, which was completed later with a second verse, it was meant to be a demo on which they were going to add then more instruments, and a gospel choir. But none of that happened, the final version is almost identical and has only piano and voice.

The song ended up being the last disc, entitled


and edited in 2011 with the pressure of maintaining the good level of


. The plate was not only to the height of the circumstances, but he overcame this with a vengeance: it became the highest selling album globally of both the year 2011 and 2012, in addition to being the most successful of which leads the TWENTY-first century, with about 31 million copies.

“I can’t imagine in my 40 going to find him and seeing that he has a beautiful wife and beautiful children, completely happy. And I, being still single. That thought terrifies me, and it is this song”,

said Adele in interviews in which he spoke of the topic

. The press launched into a desperate search to find this ex but still there are no certainties. While the magazine Heat points Alex Sturrock, a photographer for the Guardian newspaper and the magazine Vice, the New York Post conducted an investigation in parallel, and pointed out to the actor and musician Slinky Sunbeam as the man who inspired


and “Someone Like You”.

Almost a decade after the story, it seems clear that this examor is not so important, as Adele used to believe.

Today the English is happily married to entrepreneur Simon Konecki

who developed a business of mineral water environmentally friendly and with whom she has a son, Angelo. Then, of that love that he almost starts the race, we have only one beautiful ballad.