Woody Allen gives voices to the women in his life: “Scarlett Johansson? Was sexually radioactive. Lea Seydoux ten and praise, Christina Ricci a lot more desirable,”


Woody Allen and the women. A disaster. The New York Times reviewed Apropos of nothing (in Italy, available in ebook, with The ship of Theseus), and from it comes out, to put it mildly, horrified. The author of the review, Dwight Garner, of the oriented his readinglast memoir of the Director new yorker about his relationship with the universe of actors, which is rotated, in fifty years of career. And it is not much to read. Garner defined the approach to the question of women, as “insensitive and out of tune”. And she describes how she in the dedication of the woman Soon-Yi, the adopted daughter of ex-wife Mia Farrow, married, in the year 1992, when he was 22 years old and he is 56: “For you, the best. I have you eating out of my hand and then I noticed the arm”.

Humor is highly corrosive, that he who knows All should recognize, as not new, but Garner is on to something unbearable: “I had to strofinarmi the eyes with the fingers straight, hygienically clean and again the sentence”. The reviewer is reminded later, that every time it is mentioned that a woman (an actress ndr) for All a judgment, Wi-Fi on his physical appearance”. Christina Ricci is “sometimes desirable”. Lea Seydoux is a “very commendable”. Rachel McAdams, a woman “look a-million-dollars from everywhere you”. But it is Scarlett Johansson – the first film, when the hollywood star was 19 years old, according to the reviewer All about any border: “If the encounters you have to fight with your pheromones (…) was not only beautiful, but was sexually radioactive”.


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