You have to have a panic attack in full quarantine


The pandemic Coronavirus currently affecting the entire planet, and to all the world alike, gives equal you to be anonymous than famous. Many artists have begun initiatives to stay closer to their fans, in particular, Miley Cyrus has invented a program of interviews that are issued through direct in your account of Instagram, where he has had artists and friends as the model Hailey Baldwin or his partner Hannah Montana actress Emily Osment.

Currently, Miley Cyrus is isolated in his mansion in Los Angeles, and from there is from where it offers content almost daily to his followers to try to make the quarantine more bearable for all.

Though that’s not to say, that like any other person, the artist is not what is going wrong. In fact, recently the singer suffered a terrible panic attack and anxiety.

Miley Cyrus has decided to isolate itself and spend the quarantine at home alone, but thanks to the Urges Lives and Facetimes keeps in contact with other people, and with other artists, which is entertaining his fans.

“I was lying in the grass and just looked at the stars, and I thought of how lucky I am to live in a space where I can still get out and give you a ride” he said recently.

“But I was thinking about how all don’t have that space… So I started to have this fear, anxiety and panic, and in reality I started to feel the feet really cold. My feet began to cool down a lot, my hands became really cold, and I realized that I was actually having an anxiety attack total” he confessed to his followers.

“I miss that human connection… I Want to take this whole philosophy that I’m learning inside my houseto put it into practice out of my home when it is safe to do so,” concluded the artist.