“You will leave!” The mini top Rita Ora


This positions amazing, from the bodies of twitchy and bent as if there were bone that would prevent the position or the moment photography in which the neck is able to stretch to infinity to avoid the appearance of wrinkles, is the most. The school of techniques of folds and body gestures must have all of the universe famous among their students, a new profession with guaranteed success. So you just have to see the publication of Rita Ora to verify that all this is true. The poses are studied inside out to appear as the most favored best, and that the times unprepared and improvised, they tend to be the least. However, we must also take into account the experience and track record the character in question, and that is that as singer, songwriter and actress Rita has too many tables. And as always knew what she wanted, what to do, what to do and why to be famous, the singer also knows how to get out favored.

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If already if it is beautiful, to note that also accompanies the body. With a bikini with pendants well they can cover their curves and promote Route 66. That even though it appears with heels infinite with the decoration of leopard, it is not that we lack height. And that pretty face goes with him also a body just as beautiful or more. That was already in Fast & Furiousin 50 Shades of Grey and each time he gets on a stage. That you look and notice that the nature has been generous with her, that if the sitting is measured and studied, that if appearances require a previous preparation, your body also. Just have to see it.