Yuya is a victim of looting in your home


Through his recent video Youtubethe famous entrepreneur and influencer mexican Yuyatold the episode that he lived in his house, which caused him a lot of fear, because two souls they came to rob your house an object in which he had been working for a long time.

Yuya told which for some months had been preparing their own compost, however, when the time drew near for the final result, the more I saw that their product was declining. One day youtuber he began to hear strange noises that came from his terrace.

Yuya saw that there were 2 animals of great size that had gotten to your house to loot your compost, so let her go and she ran out, a situation that caused a lot of terror because it considered that they were animals that could have done damage.

“step in time, and I didn’t want to leave my behave alone, because I was already having premonitions that something had to do with the fact that my compost was more sacked, so let me approach it little by little to grab my huacal where I’m doing all of this, and when I grab I feel a presence,” said the youtuber.

Yuya spends his quarantine alone

The videos per week on Youtube Yuya are now more home, because the youtuber is in quarantine, so this week decided to do a sort of tour of his luxurious house, because the famous has a heritage quite wide.

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In fact, Yuya has become one of the mexican women with the most money, since that has worked with large companies, and has her own line of makeup and beauty products, in that sense, he showed the corners of his house, and his fans were able to admire what he has achieved this youtuber and influencer, who has been more than 10 years of experience.