Zack Snyder reveals a new connection between ‘Batman v Superman’ and his version of ‘Justice League’


The hope is the last thing you lose. It is what they will think many fans of DC are still waiting to be able to see one day the release of Zack Snyder on ‘Justice League’. With the cry of (virtual) #ReleaseTheSnyderCut, many claim that Warner Bros give way to a montage of the director that he was forced to leave the production halfway by a personal tragedy, leaving the film in the hands of the studio and Joss Whedon.

We may never know how was the ‘Justice League’ original of Snyder, but the director has revealed a detail that we would have seen in your version. In a audiocomentario of ‘Batman v Superman: dawn of Justice’ has made to celebrate the fourth anniversary, Snyder has said that the cry of Superman before you die is what I woke up to Boxes Mother.

'Batman v Superman'

The final cry of the character played by Henry Cavill when Superman kills Doomsday and ends with his own life, was so powerful that traveled the entire galaxy and ended up waking up the three Boxes Mother be a macguffin for ‘Justice League’. What desvelaba Snyder in a videoconference on your favorite social network, Vero, drawing a new connection between their two films of the Universe extended DC.

The Boxes Mother, located in Themyscira, Atlantis and a laboratory of the Metropolis, were a very important element of ‘Justice League’. One of them served to revive Victor Stone and turn it into Cyborg. In another scene, Lex Luthor, I saw a message holovid that showed the villain of the film, Steppenwolf, with the three boxes.


The version of Zack Snyder, supposedly darker than the one that came to the cinemas, is a subject of eternal debate. According to rumors, executives from Warner Bros had checked the mounting of “unwatchable”, that is to say, that had not where to pick it up. However, most diehard fans of ‘Batman v Superman’ and the work of Snyder trust both in the vision of the director that are still asking to be published. “It is a chimera. There’s No chance of that happening ever”, said a source to Variety in November 2019.

However, Snyder is still playing with the idea in the social networks, and other rumors claim that Warner Bros plan to publish the Snyder Cut with their streaming platform HBO Maxfor that you are preparing a meeting of the ‘Friends’ and other projects that place themselves as worthy competition of Netflix and Disney+. Who knows, as we said at the beginning, hope is the last thing you lose.