A paid job that consists of watching Disney movies is already a reality


Any compensation comes in handy in times of closures and ERTEs. The crisis of the Coronavirus has caused creativity to the surface and not only in the artistic but at the time of seeking office. Luckily pages Reviews.org offer paid work by watching Disney movies. Yes, as you read.

The magic comes from the small screen to, among other offers, give the opportunity to ten users to win $ 200 and an annual subscription to the platform Disney+.


The middle Insidethemagic collects excerpts from the official press release: “In the last few weeks, there has been a growing demand for opportunities to earn money from home”said John Kinnear of Reviews.org. We will select 10 people at random to receive 200 dollars and a one-year subscription to Disney+.

“If you are selected, I just want to see your favorite movie from Disney! A film average Disney lasts approximately 90 minutes, which means we are paying 10 people approximately 133 dollars per hour says.

The same website also offers the possibility to view 30 Disney movies in 30 days for $ 1,000with what in addition will give you not only an annual subscription but a kit that contains everything you need for a marathon of Disney movies: popcorn, a blanket with the theme of the famous mouse, four cups that would make you feel proud Mickey and a machine popcorn Pixar”.


Unfortunately it is not yet known whether the offer will extend to Europe, for the moment participants must be u.s. citizens and the page has been placed at the service of the users an e-mail to sign up to this offer: [email protected] In the message you’ll have to add your film of favourite Disney and in the subject line put: Dream Job.

The term is until the April 10, 2020, and the results will say on the day 13 of April.