Anahi makes to cry to his son Manu, and you won’t believe what was the reason


Anahí succeeded in becoming new features in the trend of social networks thanks to the emotional and touching video that she starred in his son Manuelwho broke in tears after listening to your talented mother to interpret one of the most popular hits of RBD.

A few days ago circulating on the social networks an initiative on the part of a well-known account of Instagramwho asked the singer Anahí play one of the songs that catapulted him to fame when it still was part of the successful grouping.

There is No denying that Anahi has been characterized as one of the most charismatic entertainers and simple that can be found in the middle of the show, so it’s no surprise that the singer has accepted the challenge and with his voice cautivara internet users to the beat of “Save me”.

Son of Anahi cause tenderness in Instagram

But no one expected that the voice of the talented singer would cry to one of his loyal fans, or at least so it was told by Anahi from the stories that were shared in your account of Instagram where his son Manu mentioned be excited by having heard him sing to his mom.

In the video, you will observe the singer Anahí asking his son Manu, the reason why I was crying and the response of the child, who was with the red eyes, was that she felt excited to hear the voice of his mom singing one of their biggest hits.

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Anahi makes to cry to his son Manu, and you won’t believe what was the reason.

Only all it took was a couple of minutes for the adorable video of the son of Anahi is viralizará by all the social networks, and quickly his fans created the hashtag #TodosSomosManu to thank the singer for save the day with the interpretation of one of your favorite songs.

Photos: Instagram @anahi, @memelasdeorizaba and @anyloucasdaanahi