Angelique Boyer piropea Sebastián Rulli no control


Tik Tok it is one of the most used social networks currently, and the famous part of the community Tik tok, and Angelique Boyer it is not the exception, because it takes advantage of every moment that you have to be able to upload some video and amuse their fans.

On this occasion, he demonstrated his “Talent in the neighborhood” as I said some fans, as Angelique Boyer showed the ability that has to say compliments, and of course, his victim was Sebastián Rulli, your partner from several years ago.

Angelique Boyer went up a Tik Tok to your account where appears, telling him at least 5 compliments of Sebastian Rulli, but what’s more interesting is that the argentine actor showed us his hot body in different positions, so we were able to give us a taco of the eye with that sooo Angelique enjoys day-to-day.

The pair of actors have become experts in Tik Tok, and we demonstrate in every one of its publications, and more now during this quarantine, since it would not have stopped to upload content to your platform of Tik Tok.

Watch the video of Angelique Boyer

Angelique Boyer has also been prey of Sebastian Rulli in your videos Tik Tok, because the argentine actor also shares his funny videos with the actress who impersonated Teresa, in fact, this week, the actor shared a video in which looks like a real woman, after you have used a filter.

In addition, one of the Tik Tok’s most iconic Angelique boyer is when it comes to personify Teresa with your classic I hate to be the poor, because the nostalgia flooded to the internet users see that video of the actress.

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Without a doubt, Angelique boyer will be a good competition with Erika Buenfil to know who is the queen of tik Tok