ANIME: Tower of God Crunchyroll Originals have an opening in the style K-Pop


Tower of God of Crunchyroll Originals is the series we planned to arrive to gladden the hearts of the fans anime as of April 2, 2020, part of its details reveal that it will feature a total of 13 chapters, and his theme music of opening or opening will be in charge of a band of K-Pop south Korean.

This is the famous Stray Kidswho sang the opening song that goes by the name TOP in a japanese version, although the video posted on YouTube is not accessible for all countries, a publication on Twitter, allowing us to hear the first 42 seconds of the song for the group of K-Pop.

Will wait a few days to see the final result of the long-awaited animation Crunchyroll Originals, after the end of one of their anime series “In/ Spectre” of the last season, because the time has come to give beginning to the premieres of spring 2020 to cope with these hard times of receipt for Coronavirus.

So sounds like the opening of Tower of God

This series of Crunchyroll Originals is based on the work of SIU, being Telecom Animation Film-makers to produce this anime along with TMS Entertainment, being one of the new projects that have caught the attention of the fans of this genre anime.

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A few weeks ago it was also revealed to the team of voice actors that form part of the anime Tower of God, expecting great experts in this area and raising the expectations of more chapters in a future work, as SIU has enough material for several seasons.