Ariana Grande celebrates Halloween with a costume theme The Twilight Zone


Halloween is that festival in which people enjoy to wear costumes of their favorite characters while others prefer to destroy pumpkins by the blows of a baseball bat to the cry of “I do not want to celebrate“. In this news, we want to focus on the costumes, especially the one sported by Ariana Grande.

The singer and actress, in fact, has decided to pay homage to the classic series The Twilight Zone and he documented everything with some of the post on Instagramwhich you can find at the bottom of the article. In the specific, Great has recreated the look taken from the iconic episode the Eye of the Beholder, which aired in 1960 on the CBS. The protagonist of this episode is Janet Tyler, a woman who underwent several surgeries in an attempt to appear “normal”. For the most part of the episode, we see her covered by bandages and unaware of the outcome of the operation.

Great not only is shown in the shoes of this character from facial features that resemble those of a pig, but he has also published some fragments of the episode in question, in fact anticipating what would have been his costume. What do you think of the result?

Among the future projects of Ariana Grande, we report the participation to The Prom, movies, Netflix, in which will be the main protagonist on the side of Meryl Streep and Nicole Kidman.

Staying in the Halloween theme, instead, we point out the costumes of Charlie Cox and Tom Hiddleston, which are presented respectively as Loki and Daredevil in what is in fact is an exchange of roles.