As well have been the sets for the filming of ‘Jurassic World: Dominon’ and ‘The little Mermaid’ abandoned following the suspension of the recordings


The filming of the movies planned for the next years are stopping non-stop because of the threat of the COVID-19. Productions large and small have suspended their recordings to the hope that the crisis ends and we can take on the work normally. There are many film sets that they have seen how from one day to another all the activity that often harbor was reduced to the most absolute emptiness.

Jurassic World

Splash News (via Daily Mail) have had access to a series of photographs that attest to the precipitate abandonment of the sets are located in the Pinewood Studios in the Uk. There were rolling, among many other things, ‘Jurassic World: Dominion’ and ‘The little mermaid’. The heartbreaking images show how everything is still intact, but the team has been able to remove or protect the blue screens of the outcome jurassic or the huge boat of the tape of the House of the Mouse.

The premiers, scheduled for June 10, 2021 at ‘Jurassic World’ and for some time a priori determined, 2021 in the case of the remake of Disney, you will see logically retarded. The studios will remain closed for at least 30 daysaccording to The Sun. A hard blow both for the producer as for the studies themselves, which are home to several film sets for film and television. And with the pandemic still in growing phase, the future is very uncertain.

Turn script

The situation is becoming untenable for many agents involved in the industry, who are already asking for financial aid or looking for new strategies to adapt as new releases by streaming. The recordings are difficult to find alternativesand if that part of the industry, everything else will end up frozen sooner or later. There will be that trust that the nightmare ends soon.