‘Black widow’ holds its premiere in the cinemas even if you are still having rumors of premiere Disney+


The checkmate imposed by the coronavirus to all companies involved with the film business has shaken the industry. The premieres arrears are already the usual route between the distributorsand some are starting to bet even by the launch by streaming. The craving to see the most anxiously awaited films of the year as soon as possible they are causing a large amount of requests to the studies that will follow this alternative route.

'Black widow' in streaming

It is what happens to Disney and Marvel Studios with ‘Black Widow’, which was scheduled to see the light on the 1st of may. The first individual tape of Natasha Romanoff had all sights set on her until she decided to delay its release indefinitely by the pandemic. And although the latest rumors spoke of that leap directly to the digital format in Disney+ are the sources of study close to ComicBookMovie confirm that for now is not an option.

A logical strategy since the sale of tickets will help to minimize the losses caused by the exceptional situation that prevails to this day. Even so, it could all change since from Disney yet it is not clear how it can evolve all of this. If the picture continues to get worse and the cinema may not open in a long time, something that seems possible, the study could rethink that condition until now, the unmovable of the passage of the tape through the halls.

David Harbour, pro-streaming

The face of the uncertainty that surrounds the film, David Harbour has wanted to leave his personal opinion. In a live Instagram the actor has confessed to have a great desire to see it, be that as it may: I am very anxious to see me in ‘Black Widow’, if ever we can release it. I would love to see the movie, you already know that I have not been able to do it. I’ve seen some things in post-production and has a very good pint. In addition was there when we shot it, and I’m very excited. But I would love to see it for myself. What you would see in Disney+.

These statements put even more pressure on Disney, which is looking to be obliged to act on the fly and adapt. There is still a long time until the health crisis is finished in all the world, so that the evolution of the next few weeks will be decisive to make a decision that planet every day, more diffuse.