BTS: Big Hit surprises the ARMY with new measures to protect the idols

Big Hit Entertainment he had received a huge amount of requests ARMY of BTSto apply for best protection measures against the cyber-bullying that could get the idols in social networks, something that the agency, south Korean confirmed to make actually through an official statement.

According to the information of kpop music, celebrity, the agency that represents BTS highlighted the changes that apply with the people who them discover by publishing negative comments towards the idols of the K-Popthis applies to any of their groups that are under its seal, being TXT the boyband’s most recent debut.

The ARMY leave positive feedback before the new measure of Big Hit, because in recent years famous artists in south korea as Sulli and Goo Hara suffered from cyber-bullying until the end of their lives to the cause of suicide, so that l fandom of BTS showed their concern for the mental health of the idols along with better management of the social networks.

The release of Big Hit

  • “We Are Big Hit Entertainment.
  • Our agency regularly takes legal action against malicious slander, spreading false rumours, sexual harassment, and personal attacks with respect to BTS. We would like to inform you about the progress made in this regard.
  • As announced previously, we have presented evidence collected through submissions from fans and our own monitoring agency-relevant research. We have secured the identities of several suspects and some have been fined, while other suspects are under investigation. Although it is difficult to reveal the details of the investigation process at the request of the investigation agency, we wish to notify that you are applying punishments to those involved. There have been cases in which the suspects had hired lawyers to apologize and ask you to come to an agreement, but we will not make agreements or grant clemency under any circumstances.
  • In addition, we have presented new demands about new publications malicious newly obtained this year and the research agency recently launched a formal investigation. We have filed additional claims against those who continue to commit malicious acts despite our legal action earlier.
  • We will continue to take legal action regular according to what you send to the fans and our own monitoring. Starting this year, we plan to protect our artists in a more strict manner to reduce the cycle time of legal response through the internal procedures which we have established. Please,send complaints to the legal account of Big Hit Entertainment ([email protected]).
  • We will continue to protect the rights and interests of our artists”

From January 2020, the pandemic spread of Coronavirus has kept the shows of BTS with public present cancelled, so qé BIg Hit seems to have taken into account the concern of the ARMY and made them to know that these measures of protection for the idols is a reality.

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Although each process of investigation cannot be revealed in full at the public, itself secured to maintain the safety of your performers with these measures, something that the boys of BTS will always have been grateful to their fans through platforms such as V-Live or Weverse.

BTS: Big Hit surprises the ARMY with new measures to protect the idols

BTS: Big Hit surprises the ARMY with new measures to protect the idols

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