Carmen Borrego does not know where to mess. Just know this (and it is very serious)

March 30, 2020
(12:06 CET)

Carmen Borrego has always been the great support of her sister and thus has advocated on Living life after what has happened in the program of Socialite, submitted by María Patiño. Terelu Fields, as the rest of the spaniards, is confined to his home in the company of his mother, Maria Teresa Campos. The coronavirus will upset their plans since that same month of march was the move to her new apartment, which still has not been able to brand-new. The collaborator maintains a strict quarantine, since both she and her mother are people of risk. For this reason we have bothered with the accusations of Socialite.

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The program of Maria Patiño was going to issue a few images where I saw that Terelu Campos and María Teresa Campos were not alone in the home. They were accompanied by the service staff. Since the program wanted to have an impact on whether non-compliance with any rule decreed by the government with the state of alarm. Without having seen the report about them, Terelu Fields are put in contact with the program and very angry, asked for explanations. The program said that both of them are joined by an internal, therefore are not in breach of the alarm state.

The partner took the decision, for their sake and that of his mother, does not attend his place of work in Telecinco. The communicator had been on a shoot with 40 people in Madrid a few days before the proclamation of the state of alarm. So I took the quarantine ahead of time as a preventative. “It is also to protect my family, the other most important person in my life that is my mother“he noted recently.

Both are going very badly these days of confinement by the situation of the country and what will happen after. “I sympathize with all the people of the country in general and in particular with those people who due to age have more problems. Do not fall into the fear”, said María Teresa Campos. The communicator did not imagine that she would live something like that. “I have spent 15 days locked up at home, a few days on mine and now I’m here, and I won’t move because I want to fulfill absolutely everything that there is to accomplish”, he said.

Terelu Campos has shown in some moments and videos through their stories of Instagram of his confinement. “Thanking the nursing staff and the rest of the workers that make it possible that we are supplied and protected by all the security forces of the state! Encouragement to all!”.

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