Cristina Pedroche is photography fresh out of the shower and mounted the whole mess on Instagram


March 30, 2020
(13:54 CET)

Cristina Pedroche it is showing very active on Instagram these days. The vallecana has always been very active and it costs you to sit at home doing nothing. And he doesn’t stop posting his videos and photos on your social network account.

The wife of David Muñoz he entertains himself by sending challenges to their followers, as well as expressing the feelings that will overwhelm these days. “It costs Me to be happy,” said madrid. All this while, is in addition to campaigns that fight against the coronavirus.

And not only that. You try to cheer herself and to do so with others, as we could see in two publications this week-end.

Two post in which, in addition, took the opportunity to take off a few euros by advertising one of the brands that sponsor them.

So leave Cristina Pedroche shower

And aside from all of this, as is usual in Cristina, do not stop practicing sport. Pedroche devotes many hours to get in shape within the four walls of your home.

All in all, there is a publication that has called particular attention. Not found on your wall, but in the stories. A snapshot that has cost him some criticism.

Cristina Pedroche mounts the mess

This is an image that appears in the Pedroche with clothes go home, with a message written can be read that you just “get out of the shower”. A detail that some have criticized, as it appears in the image Pedroche wearing make-up.

Cristina Pedroche shower tracksuit

A few feel that it is of Cristina is “everything is pure postureo”, while others ironizan with out make-up of the shower. In addition, the snapshot you took just before you go to sleep, which has led some to ask if “also make up, to get in bed.”

Yes: in the image, and your waist can verify that the hours dedicated to exercise, have their fruits. For some, however, is “too thin”.