Danna Paola (Elite) boasts size it is your last photo in the quarantine


31 march 2020
(15:40 CET)

The series Elite it has become a mass phenomenon in both Spain as in Latin america. And of course, many of the protagonists of the series have seen how his name and his fame grew as the foam on the social networks.

One of them is Danna Paola. A Danna who, yes, was already known before the popular series of Netflix what petara both. Especially in Mexico, his native country, where many already knew him for his gifts also to the music.

The case is that, as happens also with Esther Expósito, Instagram has become one of the best platforms that have Paolo to self-advertise and to be ‘connected’ with their followers.

And more these days, how not, Danna is also undergoing quarantine in their home. In fact, we have seen in recent days several publications in his account of Instagram where the singer and actress shows us how it is going these days of confinement.

The last photo of Danna Paola

From photos with a certain sense of humor like videos in which, as a good millennial what peta in TikTok. However, it has been your last photo that has generated a lot of comments on the networks.

Among other things, because in it we see the mexican wearing glasses that have left more than one with the mouth open. In fact, the image in question has gained neither more nor less than 2.5 million likes in just a day. A number of brutal, if we take into account, for example, the last nude Emily Ratajkowski on Instagram takes ‘only’ 1.5 million.

An image that has generated comments in reference to his glasses as “My mother but what glasses most brutal”, “Are huge”, “That yes they are good sunglasses and the rest is nonsense” or “you Are a bomb”.