Disney is celebrating 13 years of “Family of the Future”


The Family of the Future meet 13 years after it premiered and fans Disney have celebrated this day, as it is considered that this tape is one of the most iconic and inspiring of the film industry.

The Family of the Future it tells the story of Lewisa child genius who was abandoned at an orphanage when he was a baby, and uses his intelligence to create a time machine to take you to get to know her real mom.

However, the plans of Lewis are interrupted when he meets Wilbur Robinson, a young woman from the future who already has a time machine, and tells him that they could make an exchange of favors, for that the what to take to meet your mom.

To not do Spoilers, if you haven’t seen the movie, suffice it to say that this tape lively takes us to get to know the Robinson family, a family of futuristic, quirky, and leaves us a message full of hope.

The morals of The Family of the Future

This film leaves us with several lessons, the first of them is “Walking toward the future” the phrase that is repeated throughout the film of Disney, and that teaches us to look at and embrace the past to move towards the future.

The film has as a central theme the acceptance of the family, your past, and that no matter what happens, the decisions that we make throughout our life are the ones that lead us to the destination we hope to have some day.

The Family of the Future is available on Youtube Rentals, and also at Disney Plus, this film was released in 2007, that is to say, 13 years ago, and today his teaching remains among the people that we had the opportunity to see it in the cinema, and who have grown up walking towards the future.

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The graphics of this disney movie were very futuristic for its time, because it was the first with graphics in 3D, and not expected less if we are talking about the Family of the Future.